Product Store

Green Mountain Medicine offers an online dispensary through wellevate℠. By clicking the link below, you can quickly setup an account in five easy steps and begin purchasing from among thousands of the highest quality vitamins, herbs, supplements and nutritional products.  We are able to provide the same 15% off retail discount that we offer in our office, and your order will be shipped directly to you for a flat rate of  $4.95 or for free for orders over $49.  We hope this service helps you more easily follow the recommendations we make for you in our office.

Please note: This site is intended to be used by current patients refilling their existing prescriptions from our office.  Before making any purchases of new products, please first check with our office to ensure the product is right for you and doesn’t interact with your condition or any of your other prescriptions. Current patients will have unlimited access to the site, making the purchase of refills and new products fast, easy and delivered directly to you. Click the butterfly image below to begin ordering products.


If you have any general questions  or questions regarding your supplement plan, please call our office at (208) 255-1951.  For help setting up your wellevate℠ account, please contact the wellevate℠ customer support team at 1-855-935-5382.  They will be happy to set up your account for you and can help you place an order over the phone.